REEL CIC in Oldham - We Engage, Encourage and Empower.



Community in Oldham - We work with all people and embrace diversity and inclusion for all.

Strengthened communities: community groups with the capability and resources to bring people together to work out shared solutions.


We encourage individuals and groups to learn about self, each other and the world around them. To inspire and support people's personal growth.

Building capacity: skills, knowledge and experience.


We celebrate achievements and promote solution focussed thinking.

Active citizens: people with the motivation, skills and confidence to speak up for their communities and say what improvements are needed.

“Community Empowerment is about people and government, working together to make life better. It involves more people being able to influence decisions about their communities, and more people taking responsibility for tackling local problems, rather than expecting others to. The idea is that government can’t solve everything by itself, and nor can the community: it’s better when we work together.” Source; Empowerment White Paper ‘Communities in control: real people, real power’, 9 July 2008, Evidence

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This year we are supporting taking a large group of families on holiday to the seaside in Wales whom otherwise would struggle to go on holiday. Making long lasting memories.

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