To date we have delivered a diverse range of successful programmes and have developed a positive reputation for the below:

* Womens support group and mentoring

* Holiday initiatives and intervention    projects for families in Oldham. 

* Partnership working taking families on holiday to Wales during the summer

* Baby and toddler programme which has encompassed employability skills, volunteering and peer support.


Positive Parenting Courses

Developing Core Family Relationships

Family Resilience

Meet Cook and Eat - Healthy Eating Course for families

Baby and Parent Music, Dance and Rhyme Groups

Toddler Creative Groups

Holiday provision

Family Holidays

Youth Clubs


Womens Enrichment Support Group

Confidence and Communications Skills course

Employability Skills Course

Volunteering and work experience

Peer support groups

Peer mentoring and coaching


Baby Boogies is a Parent & Toddler group with structured learning using music, stories & dance. We encourage parent and child bonding, attachment and fun in a positive learning environment. Key skills in English speaking and listening, language acquisition, maths and music which increases cognitive developmental. Increase confidence and communication skills and make new friends.


REEL CIC was founded by two local women Kim Lowe and Charlene Burns in 2017, Both women have experienced own personal challenges with the traditional school setting and faced barriers to education. Both left school with zero qualifications. With just over 18 years experience of working in youth, community and education they had a vision to set up their own company to encourage others to reach their own true potential. Both having a passion for people, education and highly motivated women set about making a 10 year dream a reality.  They finally did it!


Volunteering with us aims to offer you an exciting opportunity to join a great team to put on other successful projects, groups and training. We aim to support, challenge and encourage you during this volunteer opportunity so that you reach your true potential.

This is what Steph one of our Volunteers has to say: 

‘Volunteering at REEL meant people see me as a person rather than just somebody's mum. It helped me realise what I want to do in life’