What we offer you? 

* Welcomes you as a new valued member to the REEL team 

* We seek to offer you a diverse opportunity that encourages creativity, personal development and overall ensuring the arts is accessible for all. 

* A non-judgmental team that will be supportive & inspiring 

* Positive atmosphere, attitude and behaviours.

You may identify some areas for development during the initial induction. We will support you in aiming to successfully meet your identified goals and we will review your progression and evaluate your experience on a regular basis via either group supervision or one to one

Laughter is a great form of medicine and here at REEL we really encourage those moments to smile and laugh together whilst also pushing ourselves to aim high and challenge ourselves. 

We here at REEL we are passionate about providing opportunities for individuals to have opportunities to learn, express creativity, increase social integration, prevent social isolation & empowering men, women and families to reach their true potential.


Volunteering is not just about giving!

People volunteer for many different reasons here at REEL: whether for their own enjoyment; to make new friends; maybe gain new skills or refresh old ones; get some valuable work experience; or to get involved in their community and make a difference. Being part of our team means you will be encouraged, challenged and supported. We keep it REEL and you will be a valued team member. 

All sorts of people make wonderful volunteers. We welcome and support all members of the community and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to think about volunteering as a REEL volunteer. 

Volunteering for REEL has many benefits; it can help you to meet new people, develop new skills, provide a stepping stone back to employment via gaining valuable insight and experience, provide something interesting and creative to do plus much, much more… 

You can volunteer as little or as much as you like, we truly value all volunteers here at REEL. We have a diverse range of volunteers who are key to making the projects, training and group a great success. The roles and duties here at REEL range from helping out with the planning and preparation, attending and actively engaging in regular group activities, co facilitating, Peer mentoring and coaching others. We aim to offer great customer service to those accessing REEL initiatives. 

Most volunteers make a commitment with us of a few hours each week; ideally we would expect that you commit to supporting a minimum of 3 activities/groups a month as we heavily rely on our Volunteers in making our work happen. 

It is however important to be realistic about how much time and energy you have  and can offer REEL CIC. 

We can help arrange you’re volunteering around the hours you have available and to suite your needs when it comes to writing the REEL CIC rota.

REEL Women Fitness Football

REEL Women Fitness Football

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